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Buddha Quotes

Buddha Inspirational Quotes Following are the quotes of Buddha which are helpful with different point of view of inspiration. 1.   Buddha says:  One moment can change one day, one day can change one life, one life can change this whole world.   2. Wrath can be won with love, evil with good, selfishness with generosity, and a man with a truth. 3. The person whose mind is calm, the person who remains calm while speaking and working, is the person who has achieved the truth and who has been free from suffering.   4.   A person who lives his life wisely is not afraid of even death. 5. Ignorant man is like a bull, He grows in size and not in knowledge. 6. Buddha says:  Keeping anger angry is like being caught with the intention of throwing hot coal on someone else, you only burn in it. 7. Happiness and laughter cannot be permanent in this world, burning in the fire of jealousy and hate. 8. If you are immersed in darkness, then why don't you look for light. 9. A waking person feels very

Meditation for Sleep

  Meditation for Sleep Introduction-   What is Meditation for sleep?  What is Yoga Nidra?      It is a process in which your consciousness has to be removed from the outer world and added to it. The state between sleeping and waking is called Yoga Nidra i.e. Meditation for sleep.      Throughout the day, our attention is spread in the outside world. Not only this, but we do the same in the dream overnight. This is why we are physically and mentally very upset. And the rest of life's problems dominate us. We need Meditation for sleep to make ourselves feel calm and healthy. Because our consciousness does not wander in deep sleep. In this we get complete rest. It cures our diseases. It is a spiritual sleep. In this we sleep while awake.      Even in the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna has said that yogi men wake up when they sleep. Waking up here means that, your awareness remains in your sleep as well.       Meditation for sleep is an easy way to connect with your subconscious mind by d

Types of Yogasana

 Types of Yogasana Following are the information of various Types of Yogasana with picture. 1. Adhomukhvashanasana Yoga/Downward Facing Dog Pose Method  of  Adhomukhvashanasana Yoga/Downward Facing Dog Pose This is the easiest yogasana that all people can do. First of all, stand straight and keep a distance between the two legs. After that, slowly turn downwards to form a V like Shape. As you can see in the photo above, make a little second between both hands and feet. While breathing, pull your waist backwards with the help of your feet. Do not bend your legs and arms. By doing this, the back of your body, arms and legs will get a good stretch. Take a long breath and stay in this yoga pose for some delay. Benefits of  Adhomukhvashanasana Yoga/Downward Facing Dog Pose -Muscle is strong. -Sinus problems are solved. -The body gets a good stretch. -Blood circulation improves. 2. Tadasana/Mountain Pose Method  of Tadasan First of all, stand straight with the help of your feet. Make a littl