Meditation for Sleep

 Meditation for Sleep

Meditation for Sleep


 What is Meditation for sleep? What is Yoga Nidra?

     It is a process in which your consciousness has to be removed from the outer world and added to it. The state between sleeping and waking is called Yoga Nidra i.e. Meditation for sleep.

     Throughout the day, our attention is spread in the outside world. Not only this, but we do the same in the dream overnight. This is why we are physically and mentally very upset. And the rest of life's problems dominate us. We need Meditation for sleep to make ourselves feel calm and healthy. Because our consciousness does not wander in deep sleep. In this we get complete rest. It cures our diseases. It is a spiritual sleep. In this we sleep while awake.

     Even in the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna has said that yogi men wake up when they sleep. Waking up here means that, your awareness remains in your sleep as well.

     Meditation for sleep is an easy way to connect with your subconscious mind by dropping your conscious mind into sleep.

     We can do Meditation for sleep for 45 minutes. In order to take good advantage of Meditation for sleep, we have to do Meditation for sleep for 3 weeks daily.


The benefits of Meditation for sleep are given below -

1. Get good rest.

2. Health is good.

3. It is beneficial to stay away from diseases.

4. It helps to get rid of bad habits.

5. Sleep problem goes away.

6. There is benefit in spiritual progress.

7. Resolution power increases.

8. Mental development occurs.

9. Nervous System Relaxation.

These are the some benefits of Meditation for Sleep.

Process of Meditation for Sleep


     Today, I am going to tell you such powerful technique that you can overcome your stress by adopting it and also enjoy deep relaxation. The name of this powerful technique is Yoga Nidra (Mediation for Sleep). So let's start this technique. To start this, you have to find a place that It should not be too noisy and there should not be any obstruction. As soon as you become fully aware of this process, you will become successful in Meditation for sleep.

     Now you should lie down in the Corpse Pose ( Shavasana), that is, lie on your back. Take the palms upwards.Place a gap between the two legs. Leave the body loose. You will not move in this position at all. Now close both your eyes. Start deep breathing two or three times.Now you start scanning your body. As if you are watching yourself outside your body. By doing this well, you will soon learn Meditation for sleep

     Now you brought your attention to the right toe. You move your attention one by one on the finger. Start looking at the soles of your right leg. Slowly move the attention upwards and start looking at the ankle of the right leg. Bringing the attention upward, bring it to the knee of the right leg.

     As you are moving your attention, feel at that time that you feel the inertia of bones and mass inside you. It shows the earth element, which is the outer earth element, that is inside. Feel its uniformity. Slowly you brought your attention to the right thigh.

Meditation for Sleep

     Similarly, bring your attention to the left toe. From there, start moving the attentions to the rest of the fingers. Now bring your attention to the soles of the left foot. Then give your attention to the heel of the left foot. And proceed from there and give attention to the ankle of the left leg. And feel together the inertia inside. Now pay attention to the knee of your left leg. And focus on the left thigh from there.

     Now the process of Meditation for sleep is halfway done.

     Now focus your attention on your lower back. From there, focus attention on the area of the back. Try to see the organisms inside you and feel the harmony of the earth element together. Now focus your attention on the upper back.

     Now put your attention on your spine. Moving up, focus your attention on the heart. Now focus your attention on the chest. Then focus your attention on the throat. And move the attentions on your neck.

     Now focus the attention on your right shoulder. Moving from there, focus on your hand, elbow, palm and five fingers.

     Similarly, carry the attentions on your left shoulder, moving from there to focus on your left hand, elbow, palm and finger. At the same time feel the inertia of bone and mass present in your body and feel the uniformity of the earth element inside you.

     Now move your attentions up to your chin. Focus both lips above your chin. Moving from there, focus your nose, both cheeks, eyes, eyebrows and your forehead.

     Focus your attention between the two eyebrows. And enjoy relaxation. Moving your attention from there, focus on the crown part of your head. And once again feel the earth element in itself with uniformity. It is the most important process of Meditation for sleep.

     Now start feeling the flow of blood flowing in your body. This blood represents the water element outside. Now feel your uniformity between these two.

Meditation for Sleep

    And once again you feel the warmth in all parts of your body coming from your feet towards the head. Feeling like the heat is flowing from your feet towards your head. This warmth reflects the fire element inside. Which is a part of the fire element outside. And now you feel the uniformity of this element.

Meditation for Sleep

     Now you should shift your attention to those parts of your body where there is no bone, no mass and no vein, that is, focus on the empty space.. This empty space reflects the sky element inside itself. Which is a part of the Space ( Sky) element of outside. And now you feel their uniformity.

Meditation for Sleep

     Now focus on your breath. Look at how you are taking breath and how you are giving up breathing. Focus on it. Keep your breathing process normal. Just focus on the breath. Let it be as it is. This breath indicates the existence of Air element in its body. You should feel its uniformity. And feel the relaxation inside yourself.

Meditation for Sleep

     Now imagine that a white light is coming towards you from the universe. Which your master has sent blessings in the form of light. This white light is entering the entire body from its navel. And it is being spread all over the body. Feel like your whole body is filled with white light. And relaxing you. You dedicate yourself to that light. It is as if you are melting under the light. Feel like you and this light are getting uniform.

Meditation for Sleep

     Imagine that a new form is coming from this light, which is very attractive and powerful. You will feel happy after seeing this new form of yourself. Let these happy experiences spread throughout your body. You enjoy it. As soon as you become fully aware of this process, you will become successful in Meditation for sleep.

     Now return to your awareness. Lightly move your feet and hand fingers. Lighten your legs. Wear your two palms together and slowly apply the eyes and slowly open the eyes.

     Now the process of Meditation for sleep is over

     By doing this whole process, all your stress will go away and the sleep problem will go away.

Thank you


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