Types of Yogasana

 Types of Yogasana

Following are the information of various Types of Yogasana with picture.

1. Adhomukhvashanasana Yoga/Downward Facing Dog Pose

Types of Yogasana

Method of Adhomukhvashanasana Yoga/Downward Facing Dog Pose
This is the easiest yogasana that all people can do.
First of all, stand straight and keep a distance between the two legs.
After that, slowly turn downwards to form a V like Shape.
As you can see in the photo above, make a little second between both hands and feet.
While breathing, pull your waist backwards with the help of your feet. Do not bend your legs and arms.
By doing this, the back of your body, arms and legs will get a good stretch.
Take a long breath and stay in this yoga pose for some delay.

Benefits of Adhomukhvashanasana Yoga/Downward Facing Dog Pose
-Muscle is strong.
-Sinus problems are solved.
-The body gets a good stretch.
-Blood circulation improves.

2. Tadasana/Mountain Pose

Types of Yogasana

Method of Tadasan
First of all, stand straight with the help of your feet.
Make a little space between your two legs.
After that, with the help of fingers of your feet with a long breath, lift the body up slightly and raise both your hands slowly. Then connect the fingers of one hand with the fingers of one hand.
Stay in this posture for at least 15-30 seconds and pull your body upward.
After that, slowly bring your hands to normal position.

Benefit of Tadasan
-This asana proves more beneficial for those who want to increase --their length.
-Posture improves.
-Keeps you from spinal problems.

 3. Sukhasana Yoga

Types of Yogasana

Method of Sukhasana Yoga
Children can do this easy yoga as well by teaching in a few minutes.
First of all, lay a carpet on the floor and bend both legs.
Feet bend in such a way that the lower part of one leg is seen outside and the other under the thighs of the next leg.
Then sit upright and keep your reed bone straight.
Place the palms of both your hands on your knees and hold the Jnana Mudra.
Breathe in slowly and exhale slowly.

Benefits of Sukhasana Yoga
-The bone of the reed is scratched which helps the reed bone to grow longer.
-The width of the chest increases.
-The mind gets peace.
-Diseases associated with anxiety, stress and mental fatigue are overcome.

4. Shavasana Yoga/Corpse Pose

Tyeps of Yogasana

Method of Shavasana Yoga/Corpse Pose
This is a very easy yoga pose but it gives very important benefits to the body.
First of all take a carpet in a flat place.
After that, lie up and lie down.
Keep both of your legs apart from the other.
Then breathe slowly for a couple of minutes and release.

Benefits of Shavasana Yoga/Corpse Pose
-It provides relief to the body.
-Improves meditation / concentration.

5. Virabhadrasana Yoga/Warrior Pose

Types of Yogasana

Method of Virabhadrasana Yoga/ Warrior Pose
First of all, stand up straight.
Keep a distance of 3-4 feet between both the legs.
Take a long breath and raise both arms parallel to the ground and turn your head to the right.
Then exhale, bend your right leg 90 degrees and slightly to the right.
Look at the photo to understand how to bend the leg.
After that stay in this position for some time.
Do this 5-6 times.

Benefits of Virabhadrasana Yoga/ Warrior Pose
-This yoga pose gives strength to the legs and arms.
-It also keeps the body of the lower part healthy.

6. Vriksasana Yoga / Tree Pose

Tyeps of Yogasana

Method of Vriksasana Yoga/Tree Pose
First of all, keep both your hands beside and stand upright.
After that, keep your right leg on the thigh of your left leg and stand up straight. Look at the photo to understand.
After that, slowly join the don hands and move upwards and hold the prayer posture.
Try to balance in this pose for at least 30-45 seconds.

Benefits of Vriksasana Yoga/Tree Pose
-Improve balance.
-To strengthen thighs, legs and reed bone.

7. Setubandhasana Yoga/ Bridge Pose

Method of Sethubandhasan Yoga/Bridge Pose
In this yoga posture you have to make your body like a bridge.
First of all lie down on the ground and keep your arms on both sides.
See the way given in the picture, lift the lower part of your body.
Take a long breath in that posture and stop for about 25-30 seconds.
After that, slowly bring your body down and bring it to the first posture.
Repeat this yogasana for 4-5 times.

Benefits of Sethubandhasan Yoga/Bridge Pose
-Strengthens the chest.
-Also, the rear and reed bone is additionally healthy.
-The anxiety of the mind is overcome.

8. Trikonasana Yoga/Triangle Post

Types of Yogasana

Method of Trikonasana Yoga/Triangle Pose
First of all, stand up straight and keep a slight gap between your two legs.
Then bend your right leg in 90 degrees.
After that, while bending the body slightly to the right, touch the fingers of your right leg with your right hand and keep the left hand in the top and straight as given in the photo.
Hold this pose for 1-2 minutes.

Benefits of Trikonasana Yoga/Triangle Pose

-The whole body gets a good stretch.
-Blood circulation / circulation improves.
-Kidney / kidney remains healthy.

9. Ardhamatsyendrasana Yoga/The Half Fish Pose

Types of Yogasana

Method of Ardhamatsyandrasana Yoga
This is also an easy yoga for beginners.
First, sit down straight.
Then bend your left leg and try to touch the right side behind you. Look at the photo to understand.
After that, move your right leg to the front of your left leg. The right foot should touch the ground on the next side.
After that, stretch or pull your body in the opposite direction to the folded side and try to touch the leg from behind.
Hold for 20-30 seconds in this pose. After that repeat this yogasana in the next direction also.
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Benefits of Ardhamatsyendrasana Yoga/The Half Fish Pose
-Muscles get a good stretch.
-Reed's bone is strong.
-Blood circulation occurs correctly.
-Protects the body from constipation and indigestion.

10. Bhujangasana Yoga/Cobra Pose

Types of Yogasana

Method of Bhujangasana Yoga
First of all, lie down with your stomach down.
After that, with a long breath, move the upper part of your body like head, neck, shoulders and chest upwards as given in the picture.
Hold for 20–30 seconds in this pose.
Then repeat this posture 4-5 times.

Benefits of Bhujangasana yoga/Cobra Pose

-Removes acidity and gas problems in the stomach.
-Obesity is less.
-Blood circulation occurs correctly.
-Relieves complaints of indigestion and constipation.

11.BaddhKonasana Yoga/Butterfly Pose

Types of Yogasana

Method of Baddhakonasana Yoga/Butterfly Pose

First of all, lay a carpet on the ground below and sit up straight.
After that, add the parts under both your legs by bringing them in front.
Then try to hold it under the connected position of both legs as in the picture.
Then move your feet like a butterfly's wing.
You can also do this asana fast.

Benefits of Baddh Konasana Yoga/Butterfly Pose
-Keeps the stomach organs healthy.
-Also keeps the kidney healthy.

12. Balasana Yoga/Child Resting Poe

Types of Yogasana

Method of Balasana Yoga/Child Resting Pose

First of all, bend your legs backwards and do as you have done in the picture and sit both your hands in your thighs and sit upright.
After that, while slowly exhaling, connect your chest to your knees.
After that, you can also keep your hands straight forward and backwards.
After that, breathe slowly and carefully and stay in that posture for 2-3 minutes.
Repeat this sum 5-10 times.

Benefits of Balasana Yoga/Child Resting Pose

-Mental thinking is overcome.
-Back pain ends.

So these are the some Types of Yogasana which is helpful for our health.This poses are everybody can do.


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