Tips For Meditation

Tips For Meditation

Simple Ways to Meditate In The Early Stages

This simple suggestion for a deep meditation experience is extremely effective:
-Select the time and place.
- Keep the stomach slightly empty and sit comfortably.
-Start with some warm-up/exercise and deep breaths.
-Keep smiling more and Read more.

Do you know, you can get deep experience of meditation by just spending some time preparing your meditation?
There are some tips to meditate in the early stages, which may help you to meditate at home.
Do you find it difficult to sit silently with eyes closed?-Don't worry about it, you are not alone. Regular in this practice, you will definitely go deeper into it.

Simple 8 Tips for early stages

1.Choose a convenient time.

Tips For Meditation

     Meditation is actually a time of relaxation, so do it according to your convenience. Choose time when it is lonely and you are in no hurry.The time of sunrise and sunset when nature changes into day and night, this time is ideal for practicing meditation.

2. Choose a quiet place.

Tips For Meditation

     Choose a convenient location with a convenient time where no one can disturb you. The serene and peaceful environment makes the meditation experience more enjoyable and relaxing.

3. Sit Comfortably.

Tips For Meditation

     It is very important to sit pleasantly and still during meditation. While you meditate, sit upright and keep the reed bone straight, relax your shoulders and neck and keep the eyes closed during the whole process. While meditating, you can sit comfortably by hitting a quartet ( Alti-Palati), there is no need to sit in Padmasana.

4.Keep the stomach empty.

Tips For Meditation

     Time before meals is good for meditation. You may feel sleepy after a meal. When you are very hungry, do not make much effort to meditate. You will have difficulty in doing this due to hunger spasms and may think of eating only the whole time. In this way, you can meditate after two hours of meals.

5.Start it with a warm-up.

Tips For Meditation

     Warm-up or subtle yoga for a while before meditation improves your blood circulation, removes inertia and restlessness of the body and lightness the body. With this you can sit more time with stability.

6. Take some long deep breaths.

Tips For Meditation

     It is good to take deep breaths and leave before meditation and to do pulse purification pranayama. This stabilizes the breath and the mind goes into a peaceful meditative state.

7.Keep a gentle smile on your face.

Tips For Meditation

     Bringing a gentle smile on your face will make you feel different. A constant gentle smile will make you feel relaxed and at peace and it enhances your meditation experience.

8.Slowly and Gently Open your eyes.

Tips For Meditation

     As you reach the end of meditation, do not rush to open your eyes. When the eyes are opened, the mind starts running towards the outside, so after meditation, slowly open the eyes. Take time to be aware of yourself and the environment.
If you are feeling lack of enthusiasm in life and your emotional problems are affecting your work then you must meditate. Meditation is very important to handle the problems of your daily life.


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