Types of Meditation

Types of meditation
Meditation is divided into several parts according to their method of meditation and their meditation center, which is as follows -

1. Third Eye Meditation:
Types of Meditation

It is considered to be a meditation focusing on the third eye. For this, the person has to close himself, and concentrate all his attention in the middle of his brow. While doing this meditation, a person starts experiencing complete peace outside and inside. They have to concentrate in the middle of their forehead and search for that flame of light located in the middle of darkness which shows the path of a person's soul to the divine. When you do this meditation regularly, this light starts appearing in front of you, in the beginning this light comes out of the darkness, then turns yellow, then turns blue to white and takes you to the divine She comes.

2. Listening / Nada Meditation:
Types of Meditation

This meditation is done by listening; there are very few people who walk this path of siddhi and moksha by doing this meditation. It is very difficult to listen because in it the possibilities of wandering the mind of the person are very high. In this, you have to listen to your inner voice, not external, in the beginning of this meditation you hear these voices very slowly and slowly it starts to sound. One day you hear 4 voices.Which you also chant.

3. Breath Focus Meditation
Types of Meditation

A person performs this meditation through his breath, in which he has to take long and deep breaths and leave. Also, they have to be alert and alert towards the breath coming and going in their body. Pranayama meditation is considered very simple meditation, but its results are as important as the rest of the meditation.

4. Mantra Meditation:
Types of Meditation

 In this meditation, a person has to close his eyes and chant Mantra and meditate on it. Because the sky is an element of our body, then this mantra is transmitted like the sky inside the person and purifies our mind. As long as our mind keeps us tied, we are able to speak this sound but we cannot hear it, but when a clear resonance of this sound starts to be heard from inside you, then it should be understood that your mind has been cleared. Apart from the 7 mantras, you can also use the mantra So-4, Om Namah Shivaya, Ram, Yama etc.

5. Tantra Meditation:
Types of Meditation

 In this, a person has to keep his mind confined and concentrate on his inner spirit. In this, concentration of the person is most important. In this, a person closes his eyes and meditates on the sound emanating from his heart chakra. The person analyzes both pain and pleasure in it.

6. Yoga Meditation:
         Because yoga means joint, there is no one way to do it, rather this meditation is divided into some other meditations according to their method of doing it. as written below -

i) Chakra Meditation: 
Types of Meditation

         There are 7 chakras in a person's body, to do this meditation means to meditate on those chakras. These chakras are also considered to be the center of energy of the body. To do this, you also have to close your eyes and chant mantras (Lama, Ram, Yama, Hum etc.). Most of the meditation has to focus on the heart chakra.

ii) Gazing meditation:
Types of Meditation

          This meditation is done by opening the eyes with a pause. This means that you constantly meditate on a Vastu by keeping an eye. In this situation a lot of thoughts, stresses and fantasies come before your eyes. With the help of this meditation, you are able to see and understand your present in an intelligent way.

iii)  Kundalini Meditation:
Types of Meditation

          This meditation is considered to be one of the most difficult meditation. In this, a person has to awaken his Kundalini energy, which is located in the human spine. While doing this, man slowly opens all the spiritual centers or doors of his body and one day attains salvation. There are some dangers of doing this meditation, so you need a proper teacher to do it.


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