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15 Minutes Meditation for Beginners

15 Minutes Meditation for Beginners  Hello !     Today, I want to tell you a Meditation technique that only anyone can do for 15 minutes. This Meditation technique is described by Buddha.     It is said that, it is very easy to meet others. If something is difficult, it is difficult to meet oneself.     Friends, we keep finding our wealth outside our happiness, without knowing that all the powers, all the powers, are present inside us. The greatest treasure of the world is not inside, but inside us, and we can meet it by practicing meditation.     You can get that knowledge wealth once again. So friends, I will give you the information of a guided meditation which is in Buddhism.      Science has today proved that, by practicing meditation our stress is relieved, our depression starts to heal. We have to choose some place where we do not disturb anyone for 15 minutes.     Steps for For  15 Minutes meditation for beginners-    1)  You can sit on the cushion by hitting the palm or you ca