15 Minutes Meditation for Beginners

15 Minutes Meditation for Beginners

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    Today, I want to tell you a Meditation technique that only anyone can do for 15 minutes. This Meditation technique is described by Buddha.
    It is said that, it is very easy to meet others. If something is difficult, it is difficult to meet oneself.
    Friends, we keep finding our wealth outside our happiness, without knowing that all the powers, all the powers, are present inside us. The greatest treasure of the world is not inside, but inside us, and we can meet it by practicing meditation.
    You can get that knowledge wealth once again. So friends, I will give you the information of a guided meditation which is in Buddhism.

15 Minutes Meditation for Beginners

     Science has today proved that, by practicing meditation our stress is relieved, our depression starts to heal.
We have to choose some place where we do not disturb anyone for 15 minutes.

    Steps for For  15 Minutes meditation for beginners-

   1) You can sit on the cushion by hitting the palm or you can also sit on the chair.
   2) Just take care that your reed or waist is straight.
   3) Place your hands above your thighs and close the eyes with tenderness.    
    Now you are getting ready for your inner journey. 
    4) Open your eyes once and focus your focus on one of the points on the front wall.
    5) You can tilt the eyelid if you want. But keep in mind that your concentration is only on that point and whatever you are looking at that point, that point, your body is getting loose, your mind is converging.
    6) Keep looking at him with pleasure with ease and now slowly close your eyes.
    7) A deep breath in and out slowly leaving the entire body loose. Release another deep breath in and out slowly. The whole body is falling loose. There is a joy on your face.
    8) Maintain that slight smile on your face and allow your body to loosen up. But your reed bone should be straight. Let the whole body become loose. The meat muscle is cooling and your body is getting loose. Becoming calm The mind is calm.
    9) Do not give any reasoning to the mind. Do not keep any emotion in mind. No idea, no thought, just you and you kept on watching. Your mind will wander again and again. Because this practice is new for you. But do not care about this. Whatever your mind wanders about, simply take it back on top of your breath. Keep watching your breath. 
    10) Keep watching the breath coming in and the breath going out. And you are a eyewitness.
    11) Do not make any effort to change the speed of breath. Don't speed up or slow down, just become the eyewitness of your breath. Keep watching your breath.
     Buddha says that, past has passed, do not focus your attention on future also, because there are worries there. Put your attention in the present moment and this is the path of Advaita. Focus on your breath. Unite with the breath. 
    All the knowledge of this world is contained in you. And its way is your breath. Goddess power is inside the human being. He has brought it out.
    We are awakening all the knowledge inside us, only you and your eyes are not to be opened and if your mind wanders, then you have to bring it back on top of breath. There is no persistence and no fighting. If you came to this earth, to know yourself, to meet yourself.
    You met everyone, but could not meet yourself. And today is your chance to meet yourself. Look at how surprising inside, and how dark, and how much light, and order. Your inner needs you. And today you have to take responsibility for your inner being. This is the time when you are purifying your conscience and purified his body a lot. And now it is time that, not only are you now purifying your body, you are also purifying your mind and soul. Do not let this opportunity go by hand, only you put your breath, your attention on your breath. Life is fleeting. You do not know what can happen next, the next moment death is in front, then today is the time to meditate. Today, now and right now. And this inner journey or journey that you started today, you have to do it everyday. If you want, you will definitely cross. Have fun with your breath. And stay with your colleagues. No mantra, no emotion, no intention, only you and your breath. You have a vision of what is going on. And become one with him. You have got this opportunity today after birth, by virtue of birth. Do not let this opportunity go by hand.
    A someone had said, "Oh my mind! How many games will you play? You don't see that another birth has taken place. And now you are still entangling me in money, in happiness, in the shadow of happiness.Today is the chance that, with the shears of knowledge, you cut all the nets and meet yourself. "
     12) Be a Meditative man, become a Knowledgeable, just watch your breath. Do not obstruct any breath.
Today's time is just for you. You have served others a lot. Today it is time for you to serve yourself. 
    13) Just keep up with your breaths. See the great waves of bliss inside you and. Witness him. The joy and happiness you were looking for outside is not outside. So you got cheated everywhere. 
    14) And now it is time to come out, now you put the palm of both your hands above your eyes. And take a pledge that, even if I quit eating food, even if I have taken a little time in my work, but I will definitely practice meditation for 12 minutes or 15 minutes.
     Believe me, this 15 minutes meditation will change your life. I pray that you succeed. You succeed All your happiness turns your dreams into reality. May you all have happiness.
    15) Now whatever you like slowly, you can open your eyes by listening to the surrounding voice.
    This 15 minute meditation technique will teach you a lot.
This meditation has to be done with the advice of someone who knows this technique well. Any person can do this 15 minute meditation technique but get help from a good advisor.

Thank you !


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